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Weight Loss and Getting In Shape

For people trying to lose weight, the time spent on a treadmill or how many calories we burn is the only thing they focus on.  But with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, your mind is focused on technique and facing off against your partner instead of staring at a blinking screen of information.  Jiu-Jitsu works every part of your body and you won’t even notice how hard you’re working!  You will feel a difference almost immediately and be amazed how easy it is to lose the weight.


Self-Defense is the very backbone of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Punching and striking is only a part of the self-defense equation, adding in grappling and control techniques will create a confidence in yourself knowing that you can defend yourself and your family.

Many law enforcement officers will train in specialized program that were developed from Jiu-Jitsu.  Law enforcement cannot strike in many occasions, but they can learn to control someone to help diffuse the situation.

Stress Relief

When you workout your brain releases serotonin, which is the “feel good” chemical.  Which is why your stress seems to melt away after a good workout.  The mat acts like a therapy session, taking your mind off of the days worries and problems. 

Stress also piles up on us when we feel like our lives are out of control.  A little time rolling and you’ll feel the confidence in your skills improve, leading to a feeling of accomplishment and control back in your life. 

Being a Part Of A Tribe

Nothing bonds people better than martial arts.  Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a life-long journey and without even realizing it, we spend months, and then years learning and growing with our teammates.   Ask any black belt how long they’ve been training and why they keep training and they’ll tell you it is the people you meet and the friends you make.  Jiu-jitsu brings in people from many walks of life, with a common bond of training, from doctors to teachers, business owners and parents become friends because of the mat.

More Energy

According to studies, watching television and checking social media, while seemingly very passive activities, are actually not relaxing at all. In fact, doing a sport or other physical activity not only relieves stress but is re-energizing.  At the end of the day, it may sound good to just kick back and watch your favorite show, but you will end up more tired the next morning.  When you get a little exercise it increase your dopamine levels and makes you feel invigorated and ready to conquer the next day.

Humility and Patience

Ego gets in the way of all progress and impedes our ability to handle adversity.  During the plateaus of training we must practice patience and understand that this strengthens our character and makes us focus on other aspects of training we might have forgotten. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Many practitioners of jiu-jitsu compare it to a game of chess, and for good reason. Although jiu-jitsu is a physical martial art, there is a large mental aspect that comes along with it.  For every move you make, your opponent has a counter move.  You must then determine to wither make that move or choose another to give you the best outcome.  Like chess, technique and strategy are the keys to success.  What will your next move be? How will your opponent react? Like chess, those at a higher belt can think many moves ahead and the key is to build that mind-body connection.

Have Fun!

The best part of training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is how much fun the martial art is!  BJJ is a sport you can continue to train throughout life and many people, even though they never compete, continue to show up to train because of how happy it makes them. Walk into any academy and ask a random person why they train, and they will tell you how addictive and fun the sport is. There is a quality to jiu jitsu that keeps people coming back. It is a mix of the effectiveness of the martial art and the culture of BJJ that creates the perfect atmosphere to learn and improve yourself.