FREE 2 Week Adult Martial Arts Course

Stress Relief To Improve Your Attitude.

Work is the most common problems of stress and that stress is brought home.  Snapping at your kids and impatience with your significant other doesn’t make for a loving home.

Life isn’t meant to be stressful, it’s meant to be fulfilling.   Reduce your stress with a good workout and begin to see life in a whole new way.

Protect Your Loved Ones.

We all want to help keep our loved ones safe from harm and nothing makes someone feel more powerless than not being able to keep them safe.

Learn easy, practical self-defense within the first class and quickly become proficient within just a few weeks.

Belong To A Tribe.

One of the biggest fears adults have is being judged by their peers, but that is nothing like our culture here.  Often after just one class people tell us how they feel like part of the family.  Our students understand that they were once the new student, they remember how the other students made them feel welcome and now they reciprocate that to all the other new students in class. 

2/3 Of Adults Are Overweight Or Obese.

“So, I’m a little big boned, what’s the big deal?”  Lack of energy, poor body posture, flabby body, stiff joints, prone to injury, laziness, risk for high blood pressure, risk for heart disease etc.

Respect yourself, respect your family, respect the people around you and get in shape.  You can’t defend yourself or family, nor anyone else, when you’re not in shape.

Within a couple of weeks, feel like a completely different person.

I'm Too Old, I Can't Do Martial Arts!

Unfortunately, many adults think this way, and this can’t be further from the truth.  Most adults believe that if they can’t perform like they did when they were younger that starting a martial arts program is feasible.  All of our adult students once thought this was true for them as well, but ask any of them now and they will tell you that age is only a number, start now, stop waiting.

Like Running? Didn't Think So.

We understand that unless people are having fun doing exercise, people won’t do it.  Our martial arts classes are packed with fun, calorie burning exercises that don’t feel like exercise.  Every class you’re working almost every body part, growing stronger, becoming faster and accomplishing challenges you thought were impossible. 

A Fun Class Environment

Our school culture thrives on fun. We want our students to have fun in class. We want our instructors to have fun teaching and we want our parents watching to have fun. Mix in great martial arts and you have a combination that students come back year after year.

Safe, Clean And Hygienic Learning Environment

Having a clean and hygienic school helps put a parent’s mind at ease knowing that their little one’s have a sanitary facility to train in.

Class Times For Busy People

Life is crazy enough without struggling to find time for something else, so we offer classes 5 days a week with a variety of times to choose from.  To make it even easier the curriculum is set up in a way that 2 times a week is sufficient to see yourself benefit from our martial arts program.